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Wolf People - Tidings [2010 / VBR~220 / 57 Mb]

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Do you love steely, noodly psychedelic guitars? Do you like getting your ears injected with brain-altering disharmony but also love the glockenspiel? Do you miss the British accents and Renaissance vocal influences of ’70s rock? What about sitar? Do you love tape hiss? If you say yes to all of these questions, well, have I got an album for you!

Tidings, the first full-length from Jagjaguwar’s new UK discovery Wolf People, is pretty damn awesome. It’s a total throwback, but no one should mind, because it never apes trippy ’70s rock the way most throwback bands do, getting more into the vest-no-shirt attitude than the actual musicianship and experimentation.

I should warn that Tidings doesn’t exactly rock. Unless you turn it up really loud. More like it rolls. It’s a sweeping tide of constantly moving instrumentation, strutting guitars, flitting flutes, swampy harmonicas, vocals that march alongside the instruments rather than shouting above them. Many of the songs hover around the one-minute range and act as interludes between the “actual songs,” but they all blend together so well that it’s not terribly easy to tell where the songs begin and end unless you are looking at your player as it’s happening. Some of these interludes are actually labeled “Interlude” and some take the form of serials—album opener “Season Pt. 1” and closer “Season Pt. 2.”

As far as song highlights go, “Black Water”, Tidings’ first “official” song, sets the mood with its languid gang vocals and cushiony opium den feel. “October Fires” is the album’s brightest burner, a great, chunky groove that makes good use of the Bedford, England accent and sweet riffs. It’s careful in its use of influences (please pass the Cream), and because of that, the song narrowly avoids cheesiness. But subject matter—a sacrifice ritual—might be taking things a bit too far.

Ultimately, what matters most about Tidings is the relative lack of pretense. When Wolf People talk about ’60s and ’70s psych rock, they are talking about most peoples’ influences’ influences. But they don’t come off sounding like that guy at Earwax who makes scrunchy faces at you when you buy Yardbirds reissues. The elements of English folk and watery, cerebral blues that Tidings rides on could become either too hoity-toity or too hip to stomach in the wrong hands. In the hands of Wolf People’s Jack Sharp, however, they seem new and interesting, and (dare I say it) subversive again

Release Date: February 23, 2010
Label: Jagjaguwar


01. Season Pt. 1
02. Black Water
03. Interlude: Plains/Banjoe
04. Cotton Strands
05. Interlude: Circle/Viking/Colours
06. Storm Cloud
07. Interlude: Grandfather
08. Interlude: Scraps
09. October Fires
10. Interlude: Mercy Fragment
11. April
12. Untitled
13. Interlude: Cotton Fragment
14. Empty Heart
15. Season Pt. 2



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Wolf People - Tiny Circles / Mercy II

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Label:Battered Ornaments
Format:Vinyl, 7", Single, Limited Edition
Released:21 Jul 2009
Style:Indie Rock

A Tiny Circles 5:17
AA Mercy II 5:22
Harmonica - Peter Sharp

Artwork By [Sleeve] - Luke Insect
Mixed By - Ian Carter
Written-By, Performer - Wolf People
500 hand-numbered copies.

Wolf People @ Follow Me Radio

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Британский квартет Wolf People: «В микс вошли песни, которыми мы наслаждались последние несколько месяцев. Их нельзя объединить какой-то общей темой, это просто пластинки, которые постоянно играли у нас дома».


Dark — Darkside
Lightyears Away — Yesterday
The Way We Live — King Dick II
The Amazing — To Skå And Back Again
Bruce Cockburn — You Don’t Have To Play The Horses
Propinquity — You Don’t Have To Worry
Lal & Mike Waterson — Never The Same
Katell Keineg — St Martin
Dillard & Clark — Polly
Holyground — It's Alright
Dando Shaft — Kalyope Driver

Скачать (192 kbps)
Скачать (320 kbps)
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Artist: Wolf People
Title: Steeple
Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: Rock
Bitrate: 185kbit av.
Time: 00:43:05
Size: 59.78 mb
Rip Date: 2010-09-11
Str Date: 2010-10-12

01. Silbury Sands 5:19
02. Tiny Circle 5:10
03. Painted Cross 3:23
04. Morning Born 4:09
05. Cromlech 3:17
06. One By One From Dorney Reach 5:35
07. Castle Keep 7:34
08. Banks Of Sweet Dundee Pt. 1 3:27
09. Banks Of Sweet Dundee Pt. 2 5:11



Wolf People - Steeple [2010 / V2 / 57 Mb / SiRE]

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Label: Jagjaguwar

01. Silbury Sands
02. Tiny Circle
03. Painted Cross
04. Morning Born
05. Cromlech
06. One By One From Dorney Reach
07. Castle Keep
08. Banks Of Sweet Dundee Pt. 1
09. Banks Of Sweet Dundee Pt. 2

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Release Notes
Steeple represents the emergence of a fully fledged band from the
fragmented, haunted bedroom meanderings of their Tidings singles
compilation, released earlier this year. Recorded in a converted
chicken barn on the grounds of a 17th century Welsh mansion, Steeple
takes on a heavier sound while maintaining the arabesque electric
guitars, groove-laden drums and ethereal vocals that characterised its

Cheerfully aware of the English rock band clich of 'getting it
together in the country,' the quartet did it anyway, inspired by the
rural isolation of West Wales to conjure shifting rhythms, entrancing
folksong and smoke-fogged, riff-stoked jams. From the stuttered
flute-led earworm hook of 'Tiny Circle' to the churning, twisted ball
of metal that is 'One By One From Dorney Reach,' Steeple sounds as
massive as the setting in which it was laid to tape and is full of the
nuggets that many a rock fan spend lifetimes among crates in search of

And in true Wolf People fashion, the video accompaniment for Tiny
Circle brilliantly confuses the viewer/listener as to what era this
art is coming to them from

Steeple captures a band in metamorphosis, bridging frontman Jack
Sharp's earlier solo efforts and the speaker-shearing attack developed
in concert over the past four years. Now an accomplished live unit
Wolf People have shared stages with the likes of The Besnard Lakes
Dinosaur Jr, Dungen, Endless Boogie, Lightning Dust and Tinariwen

Proud of their heritage, both musical and cultural, Wolf People's
vision faithfully reflects the myriad environments the group's members
move between the British countryside and various urban centres
(Bedford, London and North Yorkshire) while offering a universally
appreciable set of songs for this age or any other

Wolf People will embark on a UK headline tour in October, dates to
follow. In the meantime festival goers can catch them at Green Man and
End Of The Road this summer.




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